A little snippet of KCFitness.....................

I am not just saying this but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE personal training! I love helping people get fit and feeling good about themselves, plus giving them the knowledge to aid leading a healthier lifestyle.  Knowing my clients have that great sense of achievement after a hard training session also makes me feel like I have achieved something very worthwhile, and every session makes me want to do more!


From my own experiences of training and getting fit, I also realise that it can be a massive boost for your confidence, improving your life in general even in your work environment. Many people may just see exercise as just a way of loosing weight, but there are so many more benefits to be reaped. Whether its creating a new social circle, reducing your chances of getting cardiovascular disease or diabetes, being fit enough to run 10k in order to raise money for charity, or even a way of relieving the stresses of day to day life. 


Here I have posted a short video of one of my clients doing a set of back squats, one of my favourite exercises. My client will be able to see clear improvements with every session of back squats we do, giving her lots of confidence in her own ability. But also it’s a functional move, meaning that she does it every day, such as lifting a heavy box, sitting down on a chair, or picking her toddler up and putting her down. Plus not only is she expending calories during the exercise, but I also know she will go home and her muscles will continue to consume calories. So not only am I helping my client reach her goal of losing weight, but I am also preparing and improving her body for everyday life. Another reason why I love my job!

As always, questions are welcome. Please let me know if I can help you in anyway!