Transition from September 2015-December 2015, Katie really noticed the changes in her body.  Having lost weight my client now wants to develop a more athletic figure, and I have all the faith in her, with continued healthy eating and regular exercise.  We have mainly been doing high intensity interval training as well as using weights. Gone are the days of same old, same old, aerobic training on the CV machines at the gym which weren't giving my client any weight loss results. 

"I had been trying to lose weight for over a year.  Trying different diets, attending group weight loss classes and being a gym member. However I was never able to lose any weight or tone up.  My major problem was always motivation; I just found it really hard to stick to anything.  Although I enjoyed the gym I felt self-conscious trying to use different machines and doing exercises that I hadn't tried before, resulting in repetitive and un-inspired workouts.  Working with KC fitness has revolutionised my fitness regime, I have tried a lot of different exercises that I would have been too scared to try without Katie’s help.  I never thought I would be lifting weights but now that I have I don’t want to stop! I feel healthier and stronger for it and it’s been an amazing way to tone up – so much more so than when I used to do only cardio exercises.  Katie has also inspired me with her delicious meal ideas and healthier alternatives, I feel like I have so much more energy now that I am eating well! Thanks to KCFitness I have lost 1 stone 2 pound and feel, fitter, healthier and happier which is has filled me with energy!  I recommend KCFitness to anyone; Katie’s natural calm and supportive nature has really helped me overcome my insecurities. Many thanks KCFitness." 
Katie, aged 24.

"Changes were very clear after only 4.5 weeks of starting the new nutrition and exercise plan Katie set me.  This was definitely what I needed after letting myself get into bad shape, the diet and workouts were great.  Thank you Katie!"

Chris, aged 25. 

"Being a working mum of two, I was really apprehensive about getting back into fitness having done nothing for nearly two years.  I was worried about how it was possible to exercise with two kids in tow, and with my current fitness level appallingly low I was also concerned I would find it too hard or make a fool out of myself.  Katie was incredibly encouraging and supportive throughout.  She tailors my exercise programme to me, she is intuitive so knows when to push me a bit harder and when I'm struggling. I'm left feeling like I've worked out with a shortness of breath and increased heart rate, but I'm not collapsing in pain on the floor! She is great with the kids and will baby wear to make it easier for some of the exercises, or tailor the session so I can baby wear and push the pram - yes it is possible! Each session is different, most of them being outdoors, and I'm never bored. Katie has been incredibly flexible with days and time to meet, I would highly recommend KCFitness."
Emma, mum of 2.

"I became a mum for the first time in 2015 and put on a lot of weight during my pregnancy.  I managed to lose this weight but my body had changed a lot, and I was really unhappy with it.  This along with feeling very demotivated having lost my fitness and very self conscious about going to the gym, I thought I would never get my muscle tone back.  In the first meeting with KCFitness, Katie took the time to understand me and my situation, how I felt, what I wanted to achieve and what time I had, along with what sort of exercise I like and dislike.  She really listened to me and made me feel ready to try something new.
When Katie first told me our plan was to do weight training and HIIT, I wasn't sure about it, a lot of it appeared to be training associated with men, I didn't want to bulk out!  But that hasn't happened!  Katie assured me it wouldn't, she has shown me lots of research and info around  this type of training for women as well as showing me how to do to exercises/weights and how to train hard in the limited time I have.  I have learnt so much from Katie and continue to do so each time we meet.  I love it, I love lifting heavy weights and doing short bursts of exercise, Katie pushes me to train hard and get the most out of each session as well as giving me ideas of what to do in between sessions if I can.  It has made such a huge difference to my body and how I feel about my body.
Katie is incredibly knowledgeable, supportive, encouraging and motivating.  I have had sessions over the years with a few different personal trainers and Katie is by far the best.  I would highly recommend KCFitness."
Gemma, new mum. 

"Having always enjoyed an active lifestyle, taking part in daily exercise classes and running before I had babies,   I was keen to get back into fitness.  Particularly strength training in order to help support my back problem.  Finding something I could fit into busy family life was a challenge until KCBuggy Fitness came along.  Katie is gentle yet motivating in her approach and individually pushes us more each week.  Her ability to set the classes for parents of any fitness level is great, everybody gets their workout at their own pace.

I am thoroughly enjoying feeling more like myself again, and without the guilt as the fresh air is great for the children!"

Antonia, mum of 2.

"Katie listened to my aims and reasons for becoming fit again.  She was wonderful support, never shouted which was important to me, but encouraged me through every arduous step and routine.  I would encourage anyone returning to fitness to come to Katie. she really cares and supports you.  Book her now!"

 Jo P.

"I really enjoyed training with Katie, she's tough but really motivating and pushes you to do your best.  She really focused me before my wedding and I have her to thank for feeling so confident and comfortable on my big day.  I would highly recommend KCFitness".

Kate, wedded on May 2016.